Use of Cookies
The website informs its users that cookies or tracers are used on its site.

Following a validation of your part, in acceptance of the present policy, it will be possible at any time of the navigation, the installation of Cookies on your terminal.

These Cookies or tracers are installed on your terminal, in order to send data from a server to your browser, which in response, performs the return of your navigation status to the server. In all transparency, will collect this data from your entry on the site to its exit, at any time, you can request additional information regarding this policy.

Nature of the Cookies and the collected information
A Cookie is a tracer, which is not permanent, which has a duration of validity. It is by browsing the web pages of a site that you activate access to it. It is impossible to modify the content of a Cookie except for the person who issued it. This status information includes, for example, the connection ID, language, response domain, etc.

There are two types of cookies:

  • Session cookies, which are only valid while you are on the browser or site.

  • Permanent cookies, which remain on your terminal until they expire, or until you manually delete them in your browser.

Name and duration of the cookies used:

  • __utma - This cookie is used to distinguish unique visitors to the site. It is updated with each page view. (Expiry: 2 years)

  • __utmb - This cookie is used to track the visitor's session. This cookie expires as soon as the user remains inactive on the site for more than 30 minutes. The use of this cookie coupled with the utmc cookie allows you to track visits (sessions) on a given site. (Expiry: 30 minutes)

  • __utmc - This cookie works in conjunction with the __utmb cookie to determine whether or not there is a new visit by the current unique visitor. (Expiry: end of session)

  • __utmz - This cookie stores all information useful for identifying a traffic source. The following information is stored in this cookie: the source of traffic, the medium of this source of traffic, the keyword typed in if the user visits the site from a search engine, etc. By default, this cookie has a lifetime of 6 months, however, you can change this limit with the function: _setCookieTimeout(). (Expiry: 6 months)

  • __utmv - This cookie is not normally present in a default tracking code configuration. The __utmv cookie refers to the information filled in when calling the _setVar() function. Note that the utmv cookie is an optional cookie. It is only used by the setVar function. (Expiry: 2 years)