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IoT Transformation: profitability is just around the corner

Today, the challenge of an IoT project lies not so much in the possibility of implementing tools that will improve operational performance as in the ability of industries to define their needs, express their objectives and engage their organization and employees. This is why IoT should not be approached through the sole prism of technology: at MTi, we focus on the needs and uses of each company in order to choose the appropriate solution.

The right technology for each core business

An IoT project must always be a response. A response to a need identified by the company's management or expressed by the business.

“How to supervise machines?”

“How to save production time?”

“How to reduce the risk of human error?”

“How to manage several locations from the same place?”

There are many IoT solutions, each adapted to the needs of companies, giving them a visual interface to the answer to their problem.

Once deployed, the solution must provide real answers that can be quantified and evaluated.

"We reduced the time it takes to find a resource in the inventory by X%."

"We increased the productivity of an asset by X%."

"We gained X minutes on average in solving location problems."

Spectacular in its direct benefits, the success of an IoT solution is the result of an alignment between the business, which expressed the need, our teams, who were able to understand it and convert it into an IoT project, and the company receiving the service, which must be the one to apply the process change in the end.

Seen as an enhancement to our customers, at MTi, IoT projects get the most out of our complementary expertise, quality products and services by relying on trusted partners, and the efforts of the customers where the services are finally implemented. By relying on us as an integrator, our clients benefit from our technologies, which have been proven in other projects in their industry, from the wealth of our partner catalog and from our recognized know-how. The result is increased efficiency and peace of mind.

The integrator: a "facilitator" partner

It is this "facilitator" aspect that often convinces our clients to call on us. It is for them to trust us to identify the things that can be improved to solve their problems, how to improve them, and through whom?

Generally, they need an ergonomic and intuitive solution to be more quickly and easily adopted by teams.

On our recommendations, and depending on the problem, this can go from monitoring production means, to tracking tools, to simplifying data visualization or even to simply updating the hardware used. The solutions are often composed of a set of hardware + software + training and implementation, but sometimes, only a small change on one aspect can also generate results via an optimization or a simple reorganization.

Once the recommended changes have been made, we then put in place the training, documentation or anything else that can help with their rapid adoption. The goal is that the changes are simple for the teams and allow them to quickly and simply visualize the improvements obtained.

This research of the best adapted use, systematically conducted by MTi, is a key element for the adhesion of the users.

ROI as an income

A success story is only as good as the results: by respecting the virtuous triptych "identification of needs, support by an integrator, and change management", the results are more likely to be conclusive.

This approach, proven with our customers, is the assurance to reach the objectives of returns on investments and to engage the company towards a sustainable transformation of the organization, itself a source of ROI.

With its ability to simplify operational tasks, improve processes and increase business visibility, the IoT opens up vast opportunities for performance gains for all industries. As a tool that serves both business and operations, it is an essential component in the transformation of companies and, consequently, in their competitiveness. Thanks to its expertise in the field, coupled with a network of specialist partners with extensive experience in IoT, IIoT and the integration of solutions in industrial environments, MTi is a preferred partner for companies and administrations wishing to engage in such a transformation.

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