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Aerial view of a dense urban cityscape partially obscured by clouds, highlighting the concept of urban development amidst natural elements.

Smart Cities

The population in cities grows year after year, therefore, cities must improve the efficiency of their departments and infrastructures to transform them into spaces focused on the well-being of citizens and where the citizen's resources are managed correctly.


Smart Cities help governments to develop more efficient and people-centric cities by integrating different IoT solutions to also gain data and control of what is happening in the city.







Intelligent Transportation System

Success Story of Bogotá

With 7.8 million inhabitants and 1.2 million vehicles, Bogotá faced severe traffic congestion issues since the '90s. An alternate-day vehicle traffic system, based on registration numbers, proved ineffective.

Our SW integrated systems for traffic flow, vehicle counting, agent tracking, and more. Trouble & Accident reporting, 1,600 agents, towing vehicles, Twitter feeds, traffic lights, and sensors were part of it.

Bogotá developed a comprehensive mobility management solution, gathering data from traffic lights, bicycle lanes, bus stops, and more. This real-time system improved emergency response times, reduced congestion, lowered air pollution, and saved costs.

Majestic snow-covered mountain peaks rising above the clouds, showcasing the natural grandeur and serenity of a high-altitude landscape.
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