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Traditional East Asian temple architecture surrounded by lush greenery, representing cultural heritage in smart tourism destinations.

Smart Tourism

Are you ready to revolutionize your city's tourism experience? At MTi, we are dedicated to transforming destinations into immersive and personalized havens for travelers. Our Smart Tourism solutions harness cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data analytics, Mobile apps, Web, Wi-Fi Networks, Geo-location, IoT sensors, and contextual information to create a seamless and unforgettable journey for every visitor.

Know Your Audience

 Identify where your tourists and residents are, track their movements, analyze how long they stay, and gain insights into their preferences.

Engage Effectively

 Connect with tourists and residents through targeted campaigns designed to attract, recover, and engage them. Our automated approach ensures simplicity and speed.

Boost Your City

 Promote your city and enhance its economy by adapting services to new demands and needs, all while providing an exceptional visitor experience.

MTi AI Smart Tourism

Success Story of Vietnam

Kyen Giang, Vietnam sought to enhance tourism engagement, redirect visitors to less affluent areas, improve the overall visitor experience, and boost the city's commercial value.

MTi's AI Smart Tourism offers a scalable, cost-effective solution, consolidating various services. Our suite includes a Smart Tourism Mobile App, Web platform, Booking Engine, Recommendation System, Location Intelligence, Campaign Management, and seamless integration with CRMs, IoT sensors, and external APIs.

Our solution enabled:

Discovering visitor patterns and preferences.
Engaging tourists and residents through efficient campaigns.
Promoting Kyen Giang while adapting services to evolving demands.

Man lighting incense sticks at a temple, a practice contributing to the spiritual atmosphere of cultural tourism sites.
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