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AI trends for 2021

If we analyze the trends in artificial intelligence for the coming years, we can say that, in many ways, COVID-19 has functioned as a catalyst for the development of this technology, and it seems that it will continue to do so for some time. This makes the healthcare context one of the main AI performance scenarios, at the same time as big data and information analytics.

Before covid19 AI and more specifically the branch related to Machine Learning was already giving a lot to talk about in many sectors thanks to its multiple possibilities of application to many industries.

In this sense, although the priority of AI in 2021 is its implementation in the health system, we will also see many other applications in other industries and in our daily lives.

For example in Big Data, it is expected that the analysis of large amounts of data will be further automated. In this year for example, it is being very important to cover the need to analyze the data that has been generated in an agile way. Whether we are talking about analyzing data derived from the spread and tracking of the virus or analyzing the enormous amounts of medical data generated, the application of AI and ML mechanisms will be key for an agile management of global health.

Another sector where it is having a lot of relevance is in that of security, cameras together with algorithms designed to detect whether or not people respect safety distances and launch an alert.

For example in this case the AI ​​uses an open source pedestrian detection network to draw a box around people. With the data obtained in the calibration of the space, the position of the users can be detected and updated in real time as they move. People who respect social distancing are shown within a green box, while those who do not respect distance will be enclosed in a red box with a line defining the distance between the two.

This is very important in spaces where there is a lot of crowding, such as airports or shopping centers.

Regarding the detection and prevention, the tracking and monitoring of the virus, continues to be and will be another of the focuses on which the technological development of AI will focus. One of the great issues that have always surrounded technological development and more specifically AI, ethics, will be key in the context of innovations. Developers will need to find ways to protect the privacy of the individual.

If we look at the predictive models, companies will be able to know how their audiences are going to behave, gaining a certain advantage when defining issues related to their products, prices, promotions, communications, etc. These predictive models rely on the data to enrich themselves and be increasingly accurate.

In short, and despite the enormous development it has experienced in recent years, artificial intelligence is a market with a long way to go.

Always with the present dilemma that this development is people-centered, protecting issues such as privacy and keeping ethics in mind at all times.

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