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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the engine that drives the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Its impact can already be seen in homes, in all companies and in shocking political processes. We have already seen how it became incarnate as a robot, it will soon drive cars, stock warehouses, and care for young and old. Within computers and smart devices, it is already shaping our society, including who is mortgaged, released from prison, and shown job opportunities.

Artificial intelligence algorithms are also being used in many domains, including healthcare, and an emerging application within healthcare is the use of artificial intelligence to create and implement chatbots. A chatbot is an AI program designed to converse with people through voice interfaces or text messages within websites, applications, or instant messages.

Despite the doubts that artificial intelligence may raise, we can say that it is not a threat to workers, on the contrary, it has been created with the idea of giving benefits to people.

Its use has given favorable results in the different areas where it has been implemented and will definitely change the way we understand the interaction between humans and machines.

All the controversies around AI are talking about the technology, but AI has come to stay and to change our lives. Governments and policy makers will have the responsibility to make sure the technology is well used and will help humans to move to the next step.

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