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Biometrics & AI

Biometrics is a breakthrough in many aspects, among other fields, its application in the field of security stands out. Very important in the digitized society in which we live.

Artificial Intelligence allows new biometric recognition systems such as analyzing voice and facial features to reach the consumer market and be incorporated into devices in our daily lives, offering levels of security that were unthinkable until recently.

The case of facial recognition systems is perhaps the most surprising, where the new models based on deep learning, an aspect of Artificial Intelligence based on neural networks, have been able to overcome the capabilities of the human being in various scenarios. However, there are lines of research in other directions that try to cover a much broader spectrum of biometric patterns, such as handwritten signature, speech, iris, fingerprint, palm, ear or movement patterns recognition systems when walking, for example.

Face verification systems are getting closer and closer to stabilization in the marketplace and consumer electronics. For this, it is necessary to have models capable of operating with very low error rates for almost any scenario. This requires its agnostic operation to different capture conditions (indoor, outdoor, different types of lighting and capture devices), extreme poses, partial occlusions (caps, scarves, glasses) or recognition over time.

One of the main problems faced by this type of technology is identity theft. Today we can find different types of identity theft attacks that carry a serious security risk in facial recognition systems. Easy access to a large amount of multimedia information on social networks such as Instagram or Facebook makes it very easy to acquire illicit images from different users to carry out this type of attack. This highlights the urgent need to protect these systems against the different identity theft attempts by means of printing photographs or reproducing videos to simulate a person's face.

Biometrics, due in large part to the use of smartphones, has become enormously popular and is increasingly established in our daily lives. Experts agree that, in the long term, biometrics will be a completely safe technology and will give people peace of mind. It will also help in everyday aspects such as accessing a store or restaurant and receiving a much more personalized service or having authorization in public administration services ... There are also many possibilities in smart homes and IoT, this will provide us with more security and more facilities in our daily life.

Due to the reliability and security it offers, it is likely that many years will not have to pass to see its expansion in different sectors.

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