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Computer Security Day

November 30 is the International Day of Information Security. Information security is a very important issue in the field of communication, the protection of data, resources, tools and information that they contain also protects the people who use them.

The event was established in 1988, as a consequence of the world's first case of network propagation malware, known by the name of "Morris Worms", which affected 10% of the machines connected to the Internet at that time, that was Aparnet.

As a result, the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), with the purpose of educating those who use technology on a daily basis of the importance of protecting their systems, programs and information. On this date, different actions are carried out around the world in institutional, educational and business areas with the aim of promoting good information security practices among users and organizations.

At present, information has become the main asset of companies and, therefore, its protection against possible leaks, whether due to attacks, carelessness or not following good habits, is crucial to guarantee its security and that its activity is developed normally and your workers are safe. In addition, implementing effective cybersecurity policies helps maintain image and reputation.

The use of digital tools and mobile devices has blurred the boundaries that existed between the work and personal environment. Security awareness campaigns not only focus on the workplace, but extend their message to the personal environment: if we can protect the information in our home, we can bring these good practices to the workplace.

To join the celebration, we share some basic tips such as; manage your passwords well, always update the software, do not download them from anywhere, manage your phone like a computer.

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