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How 5g will change our lives

This new mobile technology 5G will increase the connection speed, minimize latency (web response time and exponentially multiply the number of connected devices.

Connecting all the elements of smart cities (smart cities) and open the door to generates new possibilities in fields such as transportation, education, leisure or cutting-edge medicine.

The implementation of 5G will change the way we communicate, multiply the capacity of information highways, and allow everyday objects, from the musical instruments to cars, to connect (with us and with each other) in real time. Its deployment represents a true technological revolution that will allow, for example, remote assistance surgical interventions, such as the one carried out in Barcelona, ​​the deployment of new fleets of autonomous vehicles and the coordination of agricultural work through sensors installed at different points in a cultivation field.

From now on, thanks to 5G technology, it is also possible to perform a remote operation following the instructions of an expert. The jump in bandwidth makes communication so real that different locations are not an impediment.

However, for interventions of this type to be common, 5G technology should offer bandwidth powerful enough to be used anywhere in the world. For example, to cover professionals in developing countries who cannot afford to travel to other parts of the world to train in a specialty.

Hopefully 5G will become a standard and soon we will have it available as a regular network to change the way of communications and relations between people.

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