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How Big data, Location and Artificial Intelligence can help control the COVID-19?

The use of technologies such as big data, geolocation or artificial intelligence have made possible the containment of COVID-19, providing useful insights to health organisations and Covid-19 task force teams.

On one hand, these technologies are allowing governments and health systems to control the spread of COVID-19 in a fast, secure and safe way.

On the other hand, they are allowing to plan the opening of confinement and avoid further contagion thanks to the identification and location of people affected by the coronavirus and monitoring their isolation (social distancing).

Will Covid-19 change the way we understand and handle private and personal information?

Despite some companies like Facebook and Googles among others are offering their own solutions, Governments must adapt fast and create the right policies to make sure,on one hand, people's privacy is safe and on the other hand use this information to take the correct actions to enable going back to the daily life previous to Covid-19.

MTi is involved in several initiatives to support Governments on how to use technology to contain Covid-19 and start planning the reopening.

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