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IoT: Infinite applications

IoT applications are multiple, it is adjustable to almost any technology that is capable of giving relevant information about its own operation, about the performance of an activity and even about the environmental conditions that we want to monitor and control remotely.

Many companies in different industries or sectors are adopting this technology to simplify, improve, automate and control different processes.

As for example in the field of health, the use of wearables or sensors connected to patients, allows doctors to monitor their conditions, outside the hospital and in real time. By receiving metrics and automatic alerts on your vital signs, the Internet of Things helps improve health care monitoring and prevention for high-risk patients.

Another area is fleet management. It favors geolocation (and with it the tracking of routes and the identification of the most efficient routes), performance analysis, telemetry control and fuel savings, reducing polluting emissions to the environment and even providing valuable information for improving vehicle driving.

In agriculture this technology is also doing a great service. By implementing IoT sensors, a significant amount of data can be obtained about the condition and stages of soils. Information such as soil moisture, its acidity level, the presence of certain nutrients, temperature and many other chemical characteristics, helps farmers to control irrigation, make more efficient use of water, specify the best times to start sowing and even discover the presence of diseases in plants and soil.

Another major sector would be the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Gathering data from the industrial processes and machines can be used for applications such as predictive maintenance or asset monitoring, which brings benefits like cost reduction and shorten of downtimes in manufacturing lines (which ends also in cost reductions) among others.

This post is a short introduction of a short series of posts related to IoT world.

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