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New technologies to combat Covid

Although we are far from winning the battle, the first countries to face the aftershock of the coronavirus pandemic begin to notice and the positive effects of the measures taken. Little by little the shops are opened, the terraces are recovered and citizens resume their professional activities with the necessary security measures. Maintaining detection and monitoring technologies for those affected will be essential, especially given the possibility of new spikes.

During this reopening it will not be strange to find new ways to fight against the virus. In touristic, airports, stations, and mainly in any crowded area we will find ways to quickly identify people with symptoms of illness. In this post we are proposing a new type of helmet to prevent and to become the eyes of the Covid19 watchers.

This innovative device, which could be mistaken for a motorcycle helmet, integrates technologies such as thermal imaging, artificial intelligence software and warning systems through sound alerts to warn potentially affected bystanders. One of its great assets is the analysis of large crowds of people at a distance of between three and five meters. Its developers claim that with three units it is possible to control all the traffic of people from a metro station.

This is just one of the many technological projects that we have seen during these months in the fight against COVID-19 along with others such as robots and lamps with UV-C light.

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