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The Covid-19 pandemic poses significant new challenges for business continuity and even survival. The right combination of technology and services can provide the solution for companies to reopen, or continue operating increasing safety of their employees and clients.

SAFETRAC BUSINESS is a product to keep your employees safe and help your business. The new smart digital contact and telemedicine monitoring service to help your business survive COVID-19.

SafeTrac Business offers options for all types of companies, whether small, medium or large.

SafeTrac platform is based on Big Data and Location Intelligence provides an INTELLIGENT DIGITAL CONTACT MONITORING system capable of managing, monitoring and controlling the spread of COVID-19 in a fast, secure and scalable way.

This personalised solution guarantees user privacy and eliminates the capture of their personal data. The data protection policy complies with the industry standard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the cybersecurity systems are certified by the European Union 2020. The company will have access to a series of control panels where you can verify the status, in real time, of your employees with a broad classification of the data.

MTi is involved in this project to support companies on how to use technology to contain Covid-19.

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