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Self-driving Cars

If we eliminate the driver of these cars, true urban kings, what will happen to our cities?

The arrival of autonomous vehicles will make it necessary to rethink the design of the metropolises and their peripheries.

The spread of the autonomous car will cause less traffic and less need for parking and garages, two very positive effects.

The reduction in traffic is due to the fact that there will be far fewer accidents, with all that that implies in terms of delays and traffic jams. Without human distractions and with all the technology at your service, autonomous cars will be much safer.

Garages would be less important, the driverless car will increase the use of shared mobility. Fewer cars will circulate, but they will be used almost constantly to take calls from their users, who will have a subscription-based usage model or an application will request it immediately, as is currently done with Uber, Cabify, Grab, Careem, DiDi, among others. (...)

The city of the future is defined as a set of pleasant "pedestrian bubbles" that citizens will arrive in autonomous cars on large automobile roads, that is, automobile bubbles.

Those "pedestrian bubbles" and the periphery of big cities result in their almost bucolic vision. The total number of cars will be reduced, and that will free up a lot of space in urban centers that are currently dedicated to garages. Where it used to be parked, there will be small businesses and shops. In addition, the peripheries will become a more pleasant and more demanded place. (...)

Autonomous vehicles will change the way we understand cities and the way we understand mobility. Many questions are still unanswered:

  • Is the automotive sector at the end of their business model?

  • How will cities regulate autonomous vehicles so they are not flooded in the streets with no control?

  • Will autonomous vehicles change the real estate business?

  • What will be the new policies to own an autonomous vehicle?

  • How will the insurance industry adapt? Will the responsibilities change as understood nowadays?

  • How technology will leverage the speed of swapping from traditional to autonomous vehicles? Will it be dangerous?

  • How will public transport change?

  • Are roads and streets ready to receive autonomous vehicles?

  • Is 5G the pillar of connecting massively autonomous vehicles data to ensure policies are followed?

These are few of the questions we will be able to answer soon. Autonomous vehicles will not be a hype, so let’s get ready for the change. (...)

In the following weeks we will bring new posts trying to bring more questions to each of these topics.

Let us know your interests and we will try to bring highlights and open debates around.

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