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UV light against viruses

Researchers from around the world are searching for a solution to the current coronavirus pandemic through two main approaches. On the one hand, the development of an effective and safe vaccine against SARS CoV-2 and, on the other hand, curb contagions among the population, analyzing how the coronavirus is spread.

Regarding the second approach, scientists are analyzing how the use of UVC light, with a determined wavelength, very specific and different from that of typical current ultraviolet lamps, could help to eliminate viruses from surfaces and, thus, reducing the spread of the virus, especially in public and closed places.

In addition, this system is also applicable to kill other pathogens and viruses.

Actually, the Health sector has been using this technology for years in hospitals to reduce the so called nosocomial infections (those acquired in the same hospital) has been proven to be an effective microbial agent.

Now, with covid19 pandemics, some private and public organisations started using UVC light as an added system to protect their workforce, clients and citizens.

However, its widespread use in public settings must be used with certain safety measures because UV-C light sources have been shown to be harmful to eyes and skin under its direct exposure. For this reason, it is essential that when using these UV-C lamps there are no people or animals.

Although it seems that this method is the most effective to decontaminate viruses from surface areas in places with a lot of transit of people, in MTi we recommend including external technologies, such as IoT, that can provide control to avoid side effects to people and animals.

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