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What will our next trip be like?

When nations around the globe shut their borders to try to stave off the spread of COVID-19, the travel sector was among those industries hit the hardest.

Now, the reopen started slowly with a very different approach on how-to-do things.

How would it be like travelling after Covid-19 appeared? How about flying?

Some of the new measures to be applied at airports and country border controls that resonate in the media are health certificates, body thermal checks, social tracing applications and 2-weeks-quarenteenes at the destination country as well as at the origin country on the way back home.

Still there is much to be defined and designed. How will airlines ensure the social distance while maintaining the highest number of seats? How to behave in the host country as there are no standard rules? How will exactly be the whole user experience of travelling?

For sure at the first trips in the coming months will feel like an adventure.

But once more technology will be key to overcome the new challenges.

At MTi we believe that technology must be used not only to solve issues but also to make life better.

We are involved in the development of smart solutions that cover the needs while enhancing the user experience.

We are here to listen. Tell us about your experience of your next trip, challenges you faced!

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