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World Energy Savings Day

With the idea that our society becomes aware of saving energy and encouraging a change in consumption habits that allow greater efficiency in the use of energy to care for the environment, every October 21 is celebrated the World Energy Savings Day.

The origin of this day is found in the initiative of the World Energy Forum (World Energy Forum) to promote universal access to energy.

The first celebration was in 2012, on the opening day of the World Energy Forum in Dubai. Celebrated internationally and endorsed by a host of countries, it aims to ensure access to affordable, reliable and modern energy for all by 2030, highlighting the critical role that energy plays in driving economic growth, human development and environmental sustainability. Environmental sustainability is precisely one of the greatest concerns of today's society.

Energy consumption involves the use of natural resources. Resources derived above all from fossil fuels, such as coal or oil, which are limited on our planet and, in addition, their extraction involves a high cost not only economically, but also environmentally.

To help stop this process, modern economies are in an accelerated process of electrification, substituting fossil fuels for electrical energy, mostly of renewable origin, for all kinds of uses: mobility, industry, heating, etc. But there is another action that is even more effective: energy saving. There is no better way to contribute to curbing climate change than by reducing our energy consumption, thus avoiding additional energy production and emissions into the atmosphere.

The European Union is committed to establishing a sustainable, competitive, safe and decarbonised energy system. The Energy Union and the Climate and Energy Framework for Action until 2030 establish ambitious Union commitments to continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions (by at least 40% until 2030, compared to 1990) , increase the proportion of renewable energy consumed (at least a 32% share of renewable energy) and achieve energy savings in accordance with the objectives set at European level (at least a 32.5% improvement in energy efficiency), as well as improving energy security, competitiveness and sustainability in Europe.

The celebration of World Energy Saving Day, on October 21, is a good opportunity to reflect on our energy consumption habits and do our bit to build a more sustainable world.

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